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Australian Images is an Australian Owned family business licenced to use the Australian Made and Owned logo. We proudly support Australian companies and manufacturers whenever we can. Australia produces world-class products in many fields, yet heavy promotion of imported alternatives often sees the superior Australian product overlooked, which is leading to the gradual loss of our quality manufacturing industry.

We want to see that change, and so would like to promote quality Australian products which we use, trust and believe are best-in-class.

Buy your kids a job, Buy Australian made

Vehicle Components Trailer Parts

Vehicle Components are an Australian manufacturer of airbag, coil and leaf trailer suspensions, axles, couplings, stands and jockey wheels.

We've installed their Cruisemaster Air suspension and AT35 coupling on our offroad camper-trailer and have been highly impressed with the design, performance and quality of the components. If you're building or purchasing an offroad camper or caravan, you can't go past their excellent Australian-made components. See them at

Trailblaza Vehicle Fridges

Produced by Norcoast refrigeration in Queensland, the Trailblaza range of vehicle fridges have been around for over 25 years. They boast unmatched durability for the harsh Australian outback and super-thick insulation for low energy consumption. They are used by the Australian Army, the World Health Organisation and....Australian Images.

Why buy an energy-hungry, poorly insulated imported fridge when you can get an Australian-made Trailblaza for around the same price? Check out the range at


Dynaplas are a proud Australian company that design, engineer and manufacture a range of products from most materials including polyethylene, aluminium, stainless steel and timber, specialising in rotational moulding.

We've got a couple of Dynaplas water tanks in our camper-trailer and have found them to be durable, high quality products with innovative design. Find more at

Stratos Seating

Stratos is an Australian manufactuer of excellent aftermarket seating for cars, trucks, 4WDs, commercial vehicles and the military. The range includes innovative suspension seating, and is available at a price that puts many imports to shame.

I have a pair of Stratos seats in my LandCruiser 100, and in my opinion there is no better seat. I can drive all day in comfort and reach my destination without a sore back.

So before you lay out thousands of dollars on imported seats that aren't made for our harsh local conditions, take a look at the range of Australian Stratos seats at