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4WD events

Australian Images began photographing 4WD events in 2004 with the Nissan Trials. Since that time we've photographed most of the major 4WD competitons in NSW, including the Nissan Trials, Son of Trials, Willowglen, Woodpecker, the Tough Dog Toperi Challenge and the Australian 4x4 Masters.

All our images are available for viewing and purchase online and you can often find our competition articles and photography in Australian 4WD Action magazine following the event. We've also photographed for Dirtcomp magazine.

From 2004, we teamed up with KAMO to film and produce a range of 4WD event DVDs, including Nissan Trials, Willowglen, Woodpecker, Australian 4x4 masters, Toperi and the Tuff Truck Challenge. Our involvement in DVDs began winding down in 2009 and our last DVD was Tuff Truck 2012. All our past titles are still available for purchase, and sample clips are online.