CATERPILLAR logo sticker


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A single vinyl sticker reproduction of the CATERPILLAR word/logo. We also have the CAT -only version.


This graphic is of a commercial design produced on your behalf by Australian Images. By ordering a sticker of this image, you are warranting that you have the appropriate authorisation to order and display the graphic.


The stickers are made using professional Avery premium outdoor vinyl signwriting film.


This sticker is available in any of the colours shown in the list above. The colour you choose represents the black area in the sample image above. The ‘white’ areas are actually empty space, and would represent the colour of your vehicle’s paint showing through or the glass if you apply the sticker to a window.


The size list to the right represents the horizontal dimension of the image.

Custom Sizes:

Custom sizes are available by ordering the next size larger than the actual size you want, then providing the exact desired size in the image notes. For example, to get a 340mm sticker, order the 400mm size, then write “340mm custom size” in the image notes. For sizes over 600mm, please contact us for availability.

Expected delivery time:
Vinyl stickers are custom-made upon receipt of an order. For colours in stock, they are normally shipped within 2 business days.

Our stickers are all made in Australia


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