Removing old stickers with a Caramel Wheel

"How do I get the old stickers off?" is one of the most common questions I'm asked by my sticker customers.

While it's usually possible to remove them manually using your fingernail and metho or eucalyptus oil, there is a much easier way: A Caramel Wheel, sometimes called a Toffee wheel.

Caramel wheels are a rubbery wheel that attaches to a battery or electric drill. You simply apply some light pressure on the sticker, and it is quickly removed from the vehicle. They will work effectively 99% of the time, although if your old stickers are severely sun damaged, they may have eaten into the underlying paintwork, and it may not be possible to remove them completely. If that's the case,  you're really only left with the choice to respray the area, or in some cases I have a dual-layer sticker available which can cover the damage with a solid background.

I don't sell caramel wheels, but they are available for purchase online HERE, or can also be found at auto paint retailers.

You can watch a video below, showing how effective they are at removing old stickers.

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